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Gunfire erupted in Philadelphia overnight, resulting in five people being shot within two hours in separate incidents in the neighborhoods of Frankford and North Philadelphia.

Sadly, one person lost their life and at least two suspects are on the run.

The first shooting occurred in Frankford around 11 p.m.

with over 25 shots being fired on Leeper Street, killing a 27-year-old man and injuring a woman and another man.

The second shooting took place in North Philadelphia, where two teenagers were shot near 24th and Jefferson.

One of the teenagers, an 18-year-old, is in critical condition, and police found a car nearby with a busted steering column and broken windows, leading them to investigate whether the teenagers were attempting to steal the car before being shot.

So far, there have been no arrests made, and police are appealing for any leads.

NBC10’s Randy Gyllenhaal reported live from Police Headquarters with the latest developments.

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