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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Police are requesting to speak with seven individuals they believe may be linked to the deadly mass shooting in Eor City. Recent images released by investigators show these individuals, who are referred to as Persons of Interest.

Tampa Police are clarifying that they do not consider them as suspects at this time. It is believed that these seven individuals were present in the area of 7th Avenue during the time of the shooting. The police hope to gather more information about the incident by interviewing them. Surveillance footage captures these persons walking along Seventh Avenue shortly before the shooting occurred.

A witness named Kylo Ryer, who was injured by a bullet during the incident, recalls the sound of endless gunshots. She was discharged from the hospital on Monday, more than a week after the incident, which claimed two lives and left 16 others injured. Tyal Phillips is currently facing charges of second-degree murder, and detectives are searching for additional shooters.

Ryer’s mother expresses frustration over the slow progress of the investigation and demands justice for her daughter and the other victims. Eor City is known for having top-quality surveillance cameras, but any tips from the public are welcomed and appreciated by the police to help identify these individuals and bring closure to the case. The incident has left a lasting impact on Ryer’s life, as now she has to be on edge in crowded areas and even feels scared by loud noises in the hallway.

The community is urged to assist the police in locating these seven individuals, and their images can be found on the WFLA app for reference. Contact information for the Tampa Police is also provided on the app for those with any relevant information..

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