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Pediatric Fentanyl Deaths Soar by Nearly 3000% Since 2013

A shocking new report published in the Journal of American Medicine Pediatric Edition reveals a disturbing trend of pediatric fentanyl-related deaths.

According to the report, the number of infants and young children dying from fentanyl overdoses has increased by a staggering 3000% since 2013.

Since 2021 alone, 40 infants and close to 100 children aged between 1 and 4 have lost their lives due to fentanyl overdose.

The data highlights a grave concern that demands immediate attention and action.


Angelique Camp, an emergency room physician, expressed her shock and concern upon reading the report.

The findings are truly alarming and emphasize the urgent need for intervention.


Camp, who works at Providence Saint Joseph Emergency Room in Burbank, revealed that three other children were brought to their facility after fentanyl exposure but managed to survive.

In one such case, a two-year-old child accidentally ingested a pill found on the floor while crawling.

The report also discloses the nationwide scale of this crisis.

In 2021 alone, 1550 children died from fentanyl overdoses, a staggering increase of 30 times compared to 2013.

The magnitude of this statistic has left many appalled and horrified.

One possible contributing factor to these tragic incidents is the lack of childproof packaging.


Camp drew attention to a bottle obtained from a drug store that did not have a childproof top.

This raises concerns about accessibility and the need for stricter regulations surrounding opioid packaging.

While patients can request non-childproof tops at pharmacies, both doctors agree that it may be necessary to mandate childproof packaging for opioids.


Camp stressed the importance of safeguarding children, stating, “We absolutely must protect our children.

This is child abuse.” The gravity of the situation calls for swift action and increased awareness to prevent further pediatric fentanyl-related deaths.

As this report sheds light on the devastating consequences of fentanyl exposure among young children, it serves as a wake-up call for healthcare professionals, parents, and policymakers to collaborate and implement measures to safeguard the lives of vulnerable children.

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