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PayPal Faces Challenges in Maintaining Brand Power, According to Truist’s Andrew Jeffrey

In a recent interview on ‘Power Lunch,’ Andrew Jeffrey, Managing Director of Truist, shared insights into the buy now, pay later (BNPL) industry and discussed the issues surrounding PayPal’s stock.

Andrew expressed concerns about PayPal’s ability to sustain the reliability of its brand in a market that is witnessing a division between legacy payment providers and emerging digital competitors.

He noted that PayPal is facing difficulties, resulting in a decline in its take rate and margins, which is more significant than anticipated.

The conversation also touched upon the rising popularity of BNPL services and the impact it will have on payment spaces.

While Andrew acknowledged that PayPal offers BNPL as an add-on service, he emphasized that it is not the primary driver of its business.

Instead, he believes that BNPL holds greater importance for pure-play companies like Affirm.

Andrew expressed his belief in the long-term viability of BNPL as a legitimate tender type and suggested that its scarcity value, particularly exemplified by Affirm, is intriguing.

Regarding PayPal’s challenges, Andrew mentioned competition from major players such as Apple and Shopify, along with other buy buttons, as notable obstacles.

These factors contribute to the issues PayPal currently faces.

When asked about the overall performance of alternative or shadow banking in comparison to traditional banking, Andrew highlighted the potential for accelerated growth in alternative banking providers, particularly due to the inability of traditional banks to cater to younger consumers in a digital manner.

He cited the success of Cash App as evidence of the strength of alternative banking.

Additionally, he noted that BNPL serves as an alternative to traditional credit cards and predicts that it will gain popularity over time.

However, Andrew cautioned that this transition will not occur overnight and acknowledges the presence of cyclical issues and potential growth hiccups along the way.

While the interview shed light on the challenges PayPal is currently facing in maintaining its brand power, it also highlighted the broader trends within the payment space and the growing significance of BNPL as an alternative payment option.

The evolving landscape suggests that traditional banking institutions may need to adapt to cater to the digital needs of younger consumers, while alternative banking providers continue to gain momentum.

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