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Pastoral Visitation and Ordination in Templo Central

The Local Congregation of Templo Central, a significant landmark in Quezon City, Philippines, recently celebrated its 75th anniversary with a special worship service led by Brother Eduardo V.

Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

Established in 1948 during the time of God’s Messenger, Brother Felix Y.

Manalo, the congregation was initially known as the Local Congregation of Balara before being renamed Templo Central.

This historic place of worship holds great significance for members of the Church.

On Friday, May 12, 2023, in commemoration of the congregation’s milestone anniversary and shortly after Brother Felix Y.

Manalo’s 137th birth anniversary, Brother Eduardo V.

Manalo conducted a worship service at Templo Central.

The members of the Local Congregation of Templo Central expressed their gratitude for the inspiration and spiritual blessings they received during the service.

During his homily, the Executive Minister emphasized the importance of caring for our households and guiding them in upholding services to God.

He urged the members, especially Church officers, to continuously improve their faith and serve as role models in obeying God’s will.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, the occasion also marked the ordination of 38 newly-appointed ministers in the Church.

One of the newly-ordained ministers expressed his overwhelming joy upon receiving this long-awaited blessing, which he had fervently prayed for each day.

The exemplary leadership of Brother Felix Manalo, God’s Messenger, and his successor, Brother Eduardo Manalo, who emulated the service and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, has been a guiding light for the entire Church.

As a newly-ordained minister, the individual pledged to prioritize their sacred duty in the Church, always obeying God’s will and imparting these teachings to the brethren.

With gratitude for the laying on of hands by the Executive Minister, the newly-ordained minister promised to utilize the received blessing in taking care of the Church.

Furthermore, they pledged to fulfill their sacred duty, wherever they may be assigned, in accordance with the teachings of God’s words.

The commemoration of Templo Central’s 75th anniversary and the ordination of new ministers have further strengthened the faith and unity of the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Through their unwavering commitment and continuous devotion, they strive to fulfill their responsibilities as God’s elect and serve as beacons of light within the Church and their communities.

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