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Parts of Upstate New York are currently grappling with poor air quality as a result of the Canadian wildfires.

The Tri-State area, including New York City, is experiencing hazardous levels of smoke, leading the governor to declare it an emergency crisis.

This situation is expected to persist for the next few days, requiring residents to prepare for an extended period of compromised air quality.

Even though the negative effects may not be immediately noticeable, everyone is advised to take precautions throughout the state.

Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis provides live coverage from White Plains, where the air quality is also measuring at hazardous levels.

However, there has been a slight improvement in visibility compared to earlier in the day.

The weather conditions, which had been rainy and snowy, have given way to a friendlier atmosphere courtesy of Mother Nature.

Nevertheless, the smoke still lingers, creating an eerie ambiance with a reddish hue in the sky.

Consequently, fewer people are venturing outdoors, and those who do are seen wearing masks to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the smoke.

Customers and vendors in outdoor spaces are opting for extra protection, aware that being outside for an extended period contradicts the issued advisories.

The smoke can be felt in people’s lungs, even through masks, and poses a serious health concern for everyone, not just those with pre-existing respiratory issues.

High levels of particulate matter in the air can lead to health problems, especially for individuals engaging in physical activities like running.

The longer this poor air quality persists, the greater the cumulative health impacts.

Some individuals have already noticed the effects, even if they don’t typically have respiratory problems.

Breathing becomes difficult, and people may experience stomach discomfort and headaches.

As a result, outdoor events in the Hudson Valley, ranging from ferries to fire department parades, have been canceled.

School districts are also monitoring conditions closely and sending out notices to determine if any further action is necessary.

The situation calls for continued vigilance and caution as Upstate New York continues to battle the consequences of the Canadian wildfires.

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