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Padres Honor La Jolla Teenager for Her Non-Profit Helping the Homeless

The San Diego Padres recently recognized a remarkable teenager from La Jolla for her outstanding work in assisting homeless families.

Kate Wharton, a 16-year-old girl, started a non-profit organization called “My Holiday Fairy” aimed at providing gifts to those in need.

The organization has been actively supporting homeless families at the San Diego Rescue Mission.

Kate Wharton’s journey began in November when she launched her non-profit initiative.

During Christmas, she distributed tote bags filled with toys to 50 homeless families at the San Diego Rescue Mission.

This gesture provided them with an opportunity to momentarily escape the challenges of homelessness and experience a sense of happiness and relief.

Since its inception, “My Holiday Fairy” has grown significantly, and over the past six months, it has extended its reach to help more than 300 individuals in need.

Kate Wharton expressed her gratitude for the impact her organization has made, stating, “It’s so heartwarming.

Before ‘My Holiday Fairy,’ I never understood the saying ‘giving is better than receiving.’ But on my first donation during Christmas, I truly understood that.”

In recognition of her exceptional efforts, the Padres honored Kate Wharton with the Tony Gwynn Community All-Star Award.

As part of the award, she received $5,000 to further support her non-profit work.

Kate has big aspirations and hopes to use the funds to eventually establish a shelter in La Jolla.

Although $5,000 may not cover the entire cost of opening a shelter, Kate remains optimistic.

She believes that by taking small steps and utilizing the money wisely, she can make a difference.

She plans to allocate the funds towards organizing additional toy giveaways throughout the year.

Kate Wharton’s inspiring story serves as a reminder that even one small act of kindness can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

By coming together and collectively contributing, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

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