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Oxnard, CA – A woman in Oxnard is engaged in a battle to keep her emotional support pigs at home, despite being forced to remove them by the city.

Jennifer Whaley, the owner of two beloved pigs named Camille and Lincoln, has been left with no choice but to board them at a farm in Moorpark following a complaint from a neighbor.

Whaley asserts that these pigs provide her with much-needed support in dealing with her depression and anxiety.

However, she acknowledges that it is against the city’s regulations to keep them as pets.

Despite their status as emotional support animals, Whaley has been attempting to secure an exemption from the city but believes that the local leaders could be more understanding and helpful in her situation.

Expressing her anguish, Whaley stated, “It’s hard living without my pigs, and like right now, I’m calm, cool, and collected, but every day I cry.

I just miss them so much, and I can’t live without them.

They help me so much, and I just feel like the city is pushing me back on everything.”

In an effort to gather further information on the matter, a request for comment was made to the City of Oxnard.

However, no response has been received thus far.

It remains to be seen whether Jennifer Whaley will be able to find a resolution in her fight to keep her emotional support pigs at home.

In the meantime, she continues to endure the heartache of separation from her beloved animals, hoping for a more empathetic stance from the city’s authorities.

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