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A three-day operation by the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Long Island has led to the arrest of more than a dozen illegal immigrants, some of whom were members of the notorious MS-13 gang.

The operation was aimed at apprehending some of the most violent and dangerous illegal immigrants living in Long Island, including members of the gang which has members all across the country.

The goal was to arrest 15 individuals for various crimes, including aggravated assault, child rape, and murder, and so far, nine people have been arrested.

Among those arrested was Edwin Mendoza Melendez, who was wanted for illegal entry into the U.S.

twice as an aggravated felon and is a self-proclaimed member of the MS-13 gang.

The operation also led to the arrest of one person wanted by Interpol for murder in Honduras and another person for attempted aggravated murder in El Salvador.

Many of those arrested had gained entry into the U.S.

through the southern border, and several had previously been deported for serious crimes.

According to ICE officials, it is not uncommon for convicted criminals to make their way back into the U.S.

through the southern border and return to the areas where they were initially arrested because they have family and friends there and are familiar with the territory.

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