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Reaction to SF Walgreens Shooting Video and DA’s Decision Not to Charge Guard

San Francisco witnessed a wave of protest on Monday night as outraged individuals took to Market Street to express their dissatisfaction with the district attorney’s choice not to press charges in the fatal shooting of Banko Brown at a Walgreens store.

While acknowledging that shoplifting is indeed a crime, the demonstrators firmly believed that Brown’s death should not have been the outcome.

The protest outside the Walgreens location where the incident occurred eventually evolved into a march toward San Francisco City Hall.

ABC7 News reporter Suzanne, who was present at the scene, provides insight into the community’s sentiments regarding this contentious matter.

Numerous demonstrators contend that the security guard involved in the shooting acted inappropriately and unjustly.

Despite recognizing that shoplifting is a crime, they argue that Brown’s case should never have escalated to a fatality.

Taking their demands to the streets, protesters rallied on Market Street, urging District Attorney Brooke Jenkins to reconsider her decision of not filing charges against the guard.

The graphic nature of the video documenting the shooting deeply affected those who witnessed it.

Demonstrator Nancy Robles expressed her dismay at both the district attorney and the security guard who discharged the fatal shot.

Robles firmly refutes the claim of self-defense made by the guard, asserting that the video evidence contradicts this justification.

Meanwhile, Brown’s family believes that the security guard should face prosecution.

The attorney representing the family has closely examined the evidence and insists that Brown did not pose a threat to the guard, as he was unarmed and did not exhibit any aggressive behavior.

The shooting occurred within the district of Supervisor Matt, who extends his condolences to the family and friends of Banko Brown.

Recognizing the need for justice, Supervisor Matt reviewed the report and watched the video, acknowledging the district attorney’s transparency throughout the process.

He expressed confidence in the decision made, emphasizing that it was based on the law and the facts at hand.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, troubled by the video, plans to seek the involvement of the Board of Supervisors in advocating for further review of the case.

Peskin personally appeals to both the California Attorney General and the United States Department of Justice to examine the evidence, stressing that such incidents do not align with the values of the city.

He believes that the act of stealing a bag of candy should never warrant a loss of life.

Attorney Birth, voicing support for additional scrutiny, believes that an independent examination of the evidence would be beneficial given the intense public scrutiny surrounding the case.

Others argue that it is crucial to have faith in the justice system and allow it to run its course, honoring its integrity and legitimacy.

Attorney John Burr intends to move forward with a civil case on behalf of Brown’s family now that he possesses the video obtained from the district attorney’s office.

He reveals the possibility of a lawsuit against both Walgreens and the security guard.

The aftermath of the Walgreens shooting continues to spark outrage and calls for justice in San Francisco.

The public demands a thorough examination of the evidence to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken in response to this tragic incident.

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