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A Three-Year-Old Password Exposes Poland’s Military Secrets

In a recent cybersecurity incident, highly sensitive data from the Polish military was leaked due to an outdated password.

The breach occurred when a leaked email containing a three-year-old password provided unauthorized access to the confidential information.

The incident came to light when the leaked documents were discovered on a Telegram channel affiliated with Russia.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the breach occurred as a result of the exposed password.

Malicious actors were able to obtain an email conversation that took place in 2020 among several Polish officials.

This conversation included login credentials for a secret presentation.

Astonishingly, the credentials were still functional in 2023, allowing the actors to access the presentation.

The leaked presentation contained various highly sensitive materials, including a client list of a major cloud storage company, a detailed plan of a naval port, maps of military installations, power grids, and more.

The documents were published on a Telegram channel operated by a threat actor known as UNC 1151.

This actor has previously been associated with cyber attacks targeting NATO and Allied countries and has been linked to the governments of Belarus and Russia.

Despite the leak, it was confirmed by a Polish news outlet that the password was still active, and the Polish government had not updated the credentials.

While the leaked information may not be as significant as previous cases like the infamous Pentagon leaks earlier this year, it serves as a reminder of the importance of regularly updating passwords.

Continuing to use the same credentials for an extended period, such as three years in this case, increases the risk of security breaches.

This incident underscores the need for robust cybersecurity practices and the importance of regularly changing passwords.

It serves as a cautionary tale for organizations and individuals alike, emphasizing the significance of staying vigilant and proactive in safeguarding sensitive information.

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