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A local woman in Orlando, Florida, has accused a Publix bakery of refusing to write the phrase “Trans people deserve joy” on a cake.

The incident, which occurred at a Publix in Colonial Town on April 26, has gained significant attention on social media.

According to the woman, identified as Flasterstein, she and her friend placed an order for a cake at the Publix bakery, requesting the phrase in question to celebrate “trans joy.” However, instead of receiving the desired message, they were given a cake with the words “People deserve joy” written on it.

Flasterstein shared photos of the cake and explained her disappointment with the situation.

Flasterstein intended to purchase the cake for a volunteer celebration organized by a group she co-founded called Peer Support Space.

When she initially approached the bakery associate to inquire about the feedback, she sensed confusion on his part.

Later, a manager explained that they couldn’t write the entire message because it involved taking a stance on something.

While the manager apologized, Flasterstein found the incident hurtful.

In response to her disappointment, Flasterstein took to Facebook to express her frustration, calling the incident “shameful” and “a slap in the face.” Her post received over 100 reactions and comments, including a response from a verified Publix account apologizing for the associate’s inappropriate handling of the request and offering to make the cake if more details were provided.

Flasterstein also received apologies from Publix via email.

Flasterstein hopes for a clear statement or policy from Publix regarding such situations, aiming to avoid confusion and ensure better collaboration in the future.

She believes that open dialogue and a commitment to finding a solution are necessary.

The woman claims to have received an apology from the general manager of the Publix store as well.

News 6 has reached out to Publix for their response and further information on the matter.

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