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Orlando City Commission to Vote on Alcohol Sales Permit and Security Measures for Downtown Bars

After a busy St.

Patrick’s Day weekend and with spring break and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in town, the Orlando City commission is set to make a final decision on a proposed ordinance that could affect the nightlife in Downtown Orlando.

The ordinance, which would require bars to apply for an after midnight alcohol sales permit and pay a $250 fee, could also add new security measures for bars with more than 50 people in occupancy.

According to the proposal, bars with an occupancy of at least 125 people will be required to hire extra Duty Officers to patrol the downtown entertainment area.

However, these officers will not be responsible for security inside the bars.

The recent change to reduce the occupancy threshold from 150 people has raised concerns among bar owners who would have to pay an extra $124,000 per year for the extra officers.

Scott Catroba, who owns multiple establishments, said that the new rule would make it difficult for bars to hire off-duty officers on certain nights to ensure patrons’ safety.

“We’re going to be paying for an off-duty officer, and then we don’t have the security of having them readily accessible to us,” Catroba said.

“That’s where we’re not keeping people safe.”

In addition to the extra officers, bars with more than 50 people in occupancy will also have to install metal detectors or conduct wand searches at the entrance and use ID scanners.

If the ordinance is passed, it will go into effect on May 1st.

The proposed ordinance has raised concerns among bar owners who feel that the additional costs will hurt their businesses and that the security measures could be excessive.

The Orlando City commission will make the final vote on Monday.

As of now, the Downtown Orlando nightlife scene might face significant changes with the potential crackdown on after-midnight alcohol sales and the imposition of stricter security measures.

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