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Orange and Rockland counties have declared states of emergency in response to New York City’s plan to transport migrants out of the city.

The move by the counties comes as they push back against Mayor Eric Adams’ proposal to bus migrants to their neighborhoods, resulting in the issuance of states of emergency that prevent hotels from accommodating asylum seekers.

The declaration follows the news that Mayor Adams intends to send 340 single adult men to the Armani Inn and Suites in Orangeburg, Rockland County.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Orange County Executive Steven Newhouse have criticized the city’s plan, equating it to human trafficking rather than providing necessary services.

They argue that their jurisdictions are not adequately equipped to handle the influx of migrants and assert that the responsibility will eventually fall upon their communities.

New York City has reported that over 60,000 migrants have arrived, with more than 37,500 remaining in the city’s care.

Mayor Adams has called for a regional response to address what he describes as a national problem.

However, Republican Congressman Mike Lawlor, who represents Rockland County, has denounced Mayor Adams’ actions as morally bankrupt.

He draws a comparison to when governors from southern states sent migrants to New York City without proper coordination or communication.

Lawlor accuses Mayor Adams of hypocrisy in his approach to the crisis.

The situation is expected to worsen as the Title 42 pandemic-era program, which allowed for the expulsion of migrants arriving in the U.S., is set to expire.

With the expiration of Title 42, New York City anticipates the potential arrival of 800 migrants daily.

Local residents in Rockland County expressed concerns about the impact of the crisis on their community, emphasizing the need for better efforts and collaboration from all sides to find a resolution.

It is currently unclear when the city will begin sending migrants to hotels, including the Armani Inn and Suites.

Requests for comments from the mayor’s press office regarding the matter have been made but remain unanswered.

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