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Ontario Man Faces $82K Bill After Rental Pickup Truck Stolen

A man from Brampton, Ontario, who rented a Ram pickup truck from Enterprise has been hit with an $82,000 bill after the vehicle was stolen from his driveway.

The man, Thomas Kosh, declined to pay for additional insurance and was left with only liability coverage, leaving him on the hook for the stolen truck.

Kosh said he owes the rental company $50,000 and was shocked to receive a notice saying he was responsible for $82,000.

He is not the first to fall victim to the theft of Ram pickup trucks, which have become popular targets for thieves in the Greater Toronto Area.

Another Brampton resident had a Ram rental truck stolen from their driveway earlier this year, despite having proper insurance.

Enterprise said customers are responsible for damage or theft during rental transactions, but offers additional coverage products that can release renters from financial responsibility in most cases.

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