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Ontario Driver Charged for Using High-Tech Licence Plate Cover

A driver in Ontario is facing charges after being caught using a high-tech device that conceals their license plate with the push of a button.

The incident occurred when the driver was pulled over by Halton Regional Police in Milton, who initially thought the vehicle didn’t have license plates.

However, upon closer inspection, they discovered that the driver had a remote control device that could hide the license plate on command.

Constable Michelle of Halton Regional Police expressed surprise at encountering such a device, stating, “I had never seen an actual one in use in Ontario before.” The driver, who was operating a black Porsche, was found to have a missing front license plate.

As the police vehicle observed the Porsche passing by, they noticed the apparent absence of a plate.

When the officers approached the driver, he revealed that he could raise or lower a cover on his back license plate using a remote control.

The driver has been issued two tickets, each carrying a fine of $110.

One ticket was for having an obstructive license plate.

Police have warned that additional charges could be imposed if the device was being used to evade toll payments.

The incident has raised concerns about the potential misuse of such devices and their impact on automated systems such as red-light cameras and photo radar.

CTV News contacted the company Four ’07 Highway, which stated that toll evasion is a matter they take seriously.

They assured that they work diligently to track and pursue toll invaders within the bounds of the law.

While license plate covers are generally prohibited, they can still be purchased both in-store and online.

Some covers, such as a tinted black-grey variant, come with fine print indicating that they may not be illegal to use in certain provinces.

In addition to high-tech covers, law enforcement is also facing challenges from fading and peeling license plates.

Such issues make it difficult for cameras and radar systems to accurately issue fines and fees.

Authorities emphasize the importance of keeping license plates plainly visible, properly mounted, and free from obstructions.

The driver claimed to use the remote control cover at car shows and had forgotten to put it back up.

However, automatic license plate covers are intended for off-road use only and should not be utilized on public roads.

Motorists in Ontario are advised that using license plate covers is against the law, and any violations will result in charges.

It is crucial to ensure that license plates are clearly visible and unobstructed by any means to comply with the bylaws in place.

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It does not reflect any real events or individuals.

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