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Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced that additional funding will be allocated towards the construction of a Stellantis electric vehicle (EV) plant.

The confirmation comes after a standoff between Stellantis and the federal government regarding financial incentives for the project.

Construction at the battery plant in Windsor was halted on Monday due to the lack of forthcoming incentives.

The federal government had pointed fingers at the provincial government of Ontario for the delay.

Premier Doug Ford has now affirmed that his government will invest more money to ensure the continuity of construction.

During a press conference at 3 o’clock, Premier Ford stated, “I will confirm we’re putting more money on the table.

This is all about saving jobs and giving people the quality of life they deserve.

This is exciting no matter if it’s Stellantis or Volkswagen; the place to be is southwestern Ontario.”

To date, Ontario has already invested $500 million in the project.

However, the federal government is urging the province to contribute further.

Premier Ford did not disclose the exact amount of additional funding that will be provided.

The standoff between Stellantis and the federal government had caused concerns about the progress of the EV plant.

However, with the announcement of increased financial support from the provincial government, the project is expected to resume construction and continue its contribution to job creation and economic growth in the region.

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