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Investigation continues into Kemp Way shooting in North Highlands

Authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation into a shooting incident that took place on Kemp Way in North Highlands.

According to investigators, the victim, a male in his 20s, was walking near a residence when a car approached him.

Subsequently, he was shot multiple times.

Law enforcement officials have not ruled out the possibility of multiple suspects being involved in the incident.

The crime scene tape, which had been cordoning off the area, was recently taken down, allowing residents to access the road once again.

Throughout the day, investigators have been meticulously combing the 6000 block of Kemp Way for evidence.

The shooting occurred not inside a home but rather in the middle of the road, catching the victim off guard.

Eyewitnesses recounted hearing four or five shots followed by a commotion as people on the street began running and seeking shelter.

The sudden eruption of violence was particularly alarming for residents, who described the neighborhood as typically friendly and peaceful.

Although shaken by the incident, they expressed relief that the situation has calmed down, enabling them to return home.

Law enforcement authorities are actively seeking information to identify the individuals responsible for the shooting.

At present, no details have been released regarding the description of the vehicle used by the suspects to flee the scene.

The police are urging anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in their efforts to apprehend those involved.

The investigation into the Kemp Way shooting remains ongoing, and law enforcement agencies are committed to resolving the case and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

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