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One Year Anniversary of Russian Black Sea Fleet Flagship’s Sinking
On April 14th of last year, the Russian Navy’s Black Sea flagship, Moskva, sank after being hit by two Neptune Anti-Ship Missiles, despite having triple-layered air defense systems in place.

This incident remains a source of embarrassment for President Putin and the Russian military.

Ukrainian officials have been using this event to mock the Russian Navy, with Minister of Defense Oleksii Yuriyovych Reznikov recently tweeting about it and posting a video.
Adding to the speculation, footage has surfaced online claiming to be from the missile strike against the Russian missile cruiser.

However, the authenticity of this footage has yet to be verified.

It is worth noting that the Neptune Anti-Ship Missile is a subsonic cruise missile and is not believed to have a stealth profile, yet it was still able to evade interception by Moskva’s air defense systems.
This sinking remains a significant event in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and its impact can still be felt a year later.

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