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One Dead, Two Injured, Dozens of Dogs Hurt or Displaced in Cache County Home Explosion

Residents of Cache County were left shaken after a house explosion in Cache Junction that killed one person, injured two others, and left dozens of dogs either hurt or displaced.

According to a neighbor who lives next door to the house, the explosion felt like an earthquake.

The dramatic moments after the explosion were captured on police body camera footage.

The video showed 84-year-old Lamar Clements, who had been having dinner at his home next door, rushing over to the site of the explosion.

He saw his neighbor’s house in flames and heard someone yelling for help.

The person who was trapped inside the burning house was identified as Karen Mullen.

Firefighters were able to rescue her nearly 30 minutes after she was trapped.

Karen was taken to the hospital for treatment, while her son Joshua was badly burned and remains in critical condition.

Her husband John Mullen was killed in the explosion.

The family was licensed to breed dogs, and had about 45 dogs on the property at the time of the fire.

Three of them were hurt critically, while the others will be cared for by family members.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause of the explosion, but authorities confirmed that there were multiple propane tanks on the property.

Meanwhile, Lamar and other witnesses are still processing the traumatic events that took place in their community.

“It’s one of them things you witness life and you hope you don’t have to go through it again,” Lamar said.

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