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Hundreds of therapists, counselors, and other healthcare providers in Oklahoma gathered at the Capitol to protest the upcoming required patient database.

Last year, the Oklahoma Legislature passed Senate Bill 1369, which requires all healthcare providers to participate in the database.

However, protesters argue that the only way to protect their clients is to keep them out of this database.

The Oklahoma Providers for Privacy group brought signs to the march to emphasize their message that they were there for their clients and mental health.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is tasked with maintaining the database and recently invited more feedback as they implement the process.

One lawmaker did suggest carving therapists and counselors out of this requirement, but the providers at the march stressed that the law includes them as well, making it personal.

They reminded lawmakers that when they go to the pharmacy, their pharmacist will know not only about their strep throat but also about their mental health history.

The providers were excited that so many people showed up, but they said this was not their finish line and they want to keep going and keep the momentum.

The Health Care Information Exchange will require all providers to participate, but the protesters hope to make changes that protect patient privacy.

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