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Ohio Senators React to News 5 Survey Results on East Palestine Residents’ Concerns

Ohio senators have responded to the results of News 5’s first-ever community survey in East Palestine, Ohio.

According to the senators, the survey results match what they have observed on the ground.

The survey asked more than 100 residents about the government’s response to their health and finances following a toxic train derailment on February 3rd.

Despite state and federal leaders saying that the drinking water is safe, 70% of survey respondents do not think so.

More than half reported experiencing health issues, such as headaches, coughs, and nausea.

Senator Sherrod Brown and JD Vance say that people are right to be suspicious, especially those with individual water wells, who need to be tested repeatedly.

Senator Vance states that there is a lot of mistrust, and the only way to restore confidence is to finish the cleanup.

The nearly 27,000 ton pile of soil and 6.7 million gallons of liquid wastewater waiting for removal are major concerns, according to Governor DeWine’s office.

Senator Brown and Vance have introduced legislation to enhance rail safety, including increasing rail car safety inspections for hazardous materials and requiring disclosure to states so first responders can be prepared.

The senators also expressed concerns about local farmers worried about their customers buying beef and the urgent need to address costs related to hazardous material incidents.

They introduced a bill that would create a fund paid for by companies that carry hazardous materials to upgrade first responder equipment and pay for overtime and other urgent costs.

Until the cleanup is complete, residents in East Palestine will continue to be frustrated and terrified.

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