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Ohio Attorney General Shuts Down 8 Fake Charities, Including 2 Claiming Cincinnati Roots

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has announced the closure of eight fraudulent charities, which he describes as ‘knock-offs’.

The charities are alleged to have taken the names of reputable organizations to lend credibility to their operations.

Two of the fake charities claimed Cincinnati roots, including the American Cancer Society of Cincinnati Inc and American Cancer Foundation of Cincinnati Inc.

The attorney general’s office has ordered the charities to pay penalties ranging from $5,000 to $40,000.

The individuals behind the organizations have also been banned from any association with charitable organizations in the future.

Yost’s office has accused the individuals of setting up dozens of other fake charities across multiple states, including New York, Michigan, and Washington.

The attorney general’s office is taking legal action against the groups in those states as well.

Yost has urged Ohioans to ensure the credibility of any charity before making donations.

He recommended that individuals check whether the charity is registered with the state, review annual reports detailing how donation money is spent, and check if the charity employs professional fundraisers.

The attorney general provided a tool to make these checks and urged Ohioans to be vigilant and report any suspicious organizations.

The attorney general’s office stated that it was unaware of the amount of money collected by the fake charities and that the individuals or groups listed in the lawsuit did not respond to the complaint.

The attorney general’s office stressed the dangers of fraudulent organizations, which could exploit Ohioans’ generosity, and said it would work to shut down such groups as quickly as possible.

The American Cancer Foundation of Cincinnati Inc was not found online, and the American Cancer Society of Cincinnati Inc was listed on a fundraising site, but an address in Staten Island, New York, could not be verified.

Yost’s office has taken legal action against the groups and individuals involved in the fraudulent charities, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability in charitable organizations.

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