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Officials in Saucedo have issued a warning about the increasing risk of wildfires due to rising temperatures and high winds.

With spring bringing higher winds and warmth, fire season has begun, prompting fire officials to urge residents to prepare for potential ignitions.

The months of May and June are considered particularly vulnerable to fires.

Residents are advised to take measures to protect their homes by clearing dry vegetation from the immediate area, checking gutters for debris, and removing any flammable materials.

The danger extends beyond residential areas, with warnings also issued for wildlife areas.

Last year, the Calf Canyon Hermit’s Peak Fire burned over 300,000 acres of land in Mora and San Miguel, while the effects of a fire in Las Vegas are still evident.

Although many wildfires have occurred this year, the media coverage has been limited.

Fire danger is especially prevalent in areas like the one where the warning was issued, as a wildfire had burned around 30 acres in that location approximately a year ago.

The Bosque, a riverside forest, is particularly susceptible to devastating wildfires due to the growth fueled by water from the previous monsoon season.

The vegetation eventually dries out, turning the area into a tinderbox.

Officials emphasize the importance of being aware of the potential damage a wildfire can cause, highlighting the greenery of cottonwood trees juxtaposed with the presence of dead underbrush.

This combination creates the ideal conditions for a wildfire to spread rapidly through the Bosque.

Residents living in heavily wooded areas are advised to have a “go bag” prepared, containing essential items such as clothes, documents, and other necessities, in case of an evacuation.

The warning serves as a reminder for New Mexicans to take proactive steps to safeguard their homes and surrounding areas during this fire season, given the elevated risk posed by rising temperatures, high winds, and dry vegetation.

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