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Passenger Pilot Helps Safely Land Southwest Plane After Captain Falls Ill

An off-duty pilot who was a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio, stepped in to help land the plane after the captain fell ill and became incapacitated.

The incident happened on Wednesday, and the other pilot in the cockpit took control of the aircraft and flew it back to Las Vegas while the off-duty pilot assisted with air traffic control communication and emergency responders.

The passenger pilot calmly explained the situation to them and helped with the landing.

The captain received medical attention and is in the hospital, and Southwest Airlines expressed gratitude to the off-duty pilot who stepped in to help.

The FAA is investigating the incident, and after a one-hour delay in Las Vegas, a backup crew took over the flight, and it eventually made it to Ohio.

The incident was a scary experience for the passengers, and it highlights the importance of having well-trained pilots and emergency protocols in place.

Nonetheless, the quick thinking and actions of the off-duty pilot helped ensure a safe landing for everyone on board.

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