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Tonight, the Oakland Teachers Association has approved a controversial resolution related to the war between Israel and Hamas. I am disappointed with the decision, as it will likely have negative consequences.

There seems to be a lack of education and awareness surrounding this issue. Teachers should be working to combat this.

The resolution has received mixed reactions from parents and teachers in the Oakland Unified School District. The Union’s resolution demands freedom for Palestine, a ceasefire, and “Israeli deescalation.” Some people are concerned that this could lead to an increase in anti-Semitism at Oakland schools. The vote took place after a two and a half-hour meeting. I spoke with a veteran teacher and some parents about the resolution.

Randy Porter, a music teacher, expressed his opposition to the resolution and mentioned that he may stop paying his dues to the Oakland Education Association. He believes that this resolution will cause harm districtwide, making Jewish students feel unsafe. On the other hand, a parent from Yemen agrees with the union’s resolution, arguing that what happens in Israel and Palestine affects people everywhere. The Anti-Defamation League has issued a statement expressing their disappointment with the one-sided condemnation of the war by the Oakland Education Association.

They believe it promotes dangerous and false narratives. Porter supports a ceasefire and is against violent actions by both Israeli forces and Hamas. However, he is considering leaving the union due to the rise in anti-Semitism. The Anti-Defamation League will be working with the school superintendent on this matter, and the district declined to comment when reached out to.

This issue is highly emotional for many people involved..

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