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Oakland Restaurant Week kicks off with enthusiasm after a difficult few years due to the pandemic.

This coincides with the third anniversary of the Bay Area’s COVID shelter-in-place order.

Many restaurants have struggled to recover from the impact of the pandemic, but this event provides a great opportunity to show support for the industry.

During this 10-day event, Oakland’s diverse culinary scene is showcased, with specially designed menus encouraging customers to try something new.

More than 125 restaurants are participating, from food trucks to Michelin star restaurants.

The event is a chance to enjoy dining out again and show support for the industry.

However, Dr.

Peter Chin Hong, an infectious disease expert at UCSF, warns that even though California’s coronavirus emergency officially ended last month, the virus is still spreading, and the rest of the year is unpredictable.

Despite the challenges, the restaurant industry remains optimistic, and events like Oakland Restaurant Week help drive business and promote the city’s diverse culinary scene.

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