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Oakland residents gathered for a community safety meeting on Wednesday night to voice their concerns about the rising crime rate in the city.

Families in the Trestle Glen and Lakeshore neighborhoods expressed fear and even discussed the possibility of moving away from Oakland due to the rampant crime.

Recent incidents, including an attack on Mother’s Day, have heightened their worries.

The meeting was attended by hundreds of residents who were angry and afraid after a series of violent crimes, including an armed assault on a nanny and a child.

Oakland Police provided an update during the meeting, stating that they had flooded the area with officers and made undercover arrests following the child’s injury.

They also recovered a gun matching the bullet that injured the child, which garnered applause from the attendees.

However, the police acknowledged that there is still much work to be done.

One of the main concerns raised during the meeting was the involvement of armed juveniles in these crimes.

Residents called for increased police patrols, more surveillance cameras, and additional traffic control measures such as speed bumps.

Some individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with the current level of police staffing, citing instances where they had to wait for hours before an officer could respond to their reports.

The community members demanded action from the police department, requesting more officers on foot rather than just in patrol cars to help deter violence.

They also emphasized the need for improved lighting in parking lots and the installation of cameras in private lots to aid in investigations.

The police assured the residents that they would deploy more traffic units and cease-fire crews to increase visibility in the neighborhood.

Overall, the meeting lasted approximately two hours, with the community expressing frustration and urging the police to take immediate measures to address the crime problem.

The residents stressed the importance of collaboration between the community and law enforcement to provide the necessary tips and information for solving these crimes.

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