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In a recent gang takedown operation, the NYPD successfully apprehended several suspects accused of gun violence, including some who are also accused of murder.

FOX 5 NY’s Lisa Evers was on the scene as the detectives from local precincts, warrants, homicide, and narcotics units provided backup and reviewed their strategy for the raid.

The operation involved different groups getting together, receiving their assignments and orders from their superiors, and coordinating their movements carefully.

Evers and her cameraman were given bulletproof vests as they accompanied the detectives on the operation.

The suspects, who were pre-indicted on serious gun charges, were found and taken into custody without any shots being fired.

In addition to the original suspects, the police also apprehended another person who panicked and threw a gun out the window while the officers were looking for someone else.

The NYPD says that their focused investigations and the removal of violent offenders from the streets have led to a drop in gun violence in the surrounding communities.

Although the suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the NYPD claims to have sufficient evidence to support the charges against them.

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