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New York City street vendors gathered outside City Hall on Thursday to protest new regulations that were designed to create additional spaces and guidelines for vendors.

The vendors are calling attention to the fact that the current rules and regulations about street vending are not working and are holding them back due to excessive red tape.

Currently, vendors are supposed to have a permit, but the actual number of permits available is limited due to legislation passed a few years ago to set up a waiting list for new street vendors.

The street vendors project, an organization that advocates for these workers and business owners, is asking the current administration about the number of tickets being written to street vendors and the lack of investment in formalizing the system.

City council members spoke at the rally, with councilmember Sanchez announcing plans to introduce legislation to reopen the discussion about how to have a fair structure for street vendors that treats them with dignity.

A spokesperson for Mayor Adams acknowledged that street vendors are an integral part of the community and give the city character.

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