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New York City officials are bracing for possible protests following a recent post by former President Donald Trump on Truth social media platform, claiming that he will be arrested on Tuesday.

Eyewitness News has learned that the NYPD held two tactical meetings over the weekend to outline its response to any possible protests, which would include Borough Command, the Strategic Response Group, the emergency service unit, the ESU canine unit, aviation and Intel, and the FBI.

Despite the email alert issued by the FBI stating that there is no information to confirm the indictment, law enforcement officials remain vigilant after January 6th.

The NYPD is taking normal measures to ensure that there is no inappropriate action in the city, but heightened security measures have been put in place around the courthouse and any building with the name Trump on it.

The NYPD testified before the city council for three hours on Monday morning, digging into the budget and operations, but did not mention the possibility of a massive protest on Tuesday.

The hardest job will be to keep the pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters apart.

The NYPD respects anyone’s constitutional right to protest and express their freedom of speech in an orderly fashion.

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