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It has been a while since I last saw the Northern Lights, but good news, Monica! You may be able to see them Saturday night. The weather is looking good, with a few clouds possibly moving in late at night. There is a pretty decent chance of seeing them. Speaking of tomorrow, it will start out chilly in the morning with temperatures in the 20s, but it will warm up into the 40s in the afternoon.

The wind will be light out of the South to start. It is important to mention that Northern Lights can be seen all across the northern US, so make sure to get away from light pollution and share your photos with us at

In much of the northern and central United States, the weather is calm. However, it is still raining in the Gulf Coast and moving north and east. There is also rain in the Pacific Northwest, which is part of a storm system moving on shore and will move through our region on Sunday. But for tomorrow, the weather is looking good.

It will still be a little chilly in the morning, but temperatures will reach the 40s. Montana and southwestern North Dakota may reach the 50s.

And the best part is that it will be sunny. The light wind from the South will continue, but it will become breezy on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Behind the cold front, the wind will change direction and blow from the Northwest. Sunday morning will be a bit windy with gusts up to 20 mph, and it will pick up during the late morning and afternoon with gusts of 40 to 50 mph likely.

Besides the wind, we can expect lots of sunshine for the second half of the weekend. Sunday night and Monday will also be breezy with a wind coming from the South. Overall, it won’t be a terrible weekend, but Sunday may be the less pleasant of the two days. However, temperatures will quickly warm up into the 50s region-wide for Sunday and Monday.

This is because a strong ridge of high pressure is building to our South, which will keep us mild and practically storm-free for the coming weeks. That means rain chances will be pretty much non-existent, with the only possibility being a few showers in our far northern counties on Saturday night, but even then, it’s only a 20% chance. So, you will likely remain dry.

The trend for the next week is lots of 40s and 50s, which is above normal for this time of year. This is the opposite of last week, where we had below normal temperatures. It seems that this trend will continue through the next weekend.

This is excellent news! Thank you very much..

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