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Residents of a neighborhood in North Sacramento are requesting assistance from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to put a stop to a string of mailbox break-ins that have left them worried about identity theft and stolen bank account information.

Annette Wells, a resident of the area, contacted CBS 13 after finding her mailbox open and emptied of important mail, which has been happening two to three times a week since the beginning of February.

Thieves have been stealing sensitive information such as social security cards and bank account numbers, leaving neighbors concerned not only about what’s been taken but also about what might happen next.

The USPS has advised residents to report any stolen mail online and to file a report with local police, as well as to call 911 if they see a theft in progress.

The residents are asking for an upgrade to the outdated and easily broken mailbox boxes and a more secure solution to ensure the safety of their mail.

As of now, USPS has not confirmed any investigation into this string of thefts or how many reports have been filed.

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