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Norfolk Parking Division Upgrades Cruise Parking Lot to Ensure Safety of Belongings

Following several break-ins during last year’s cruise season, the Norfolk Parking Division has made necessary changes to ensure that cruisegoers’ belongings are safe.

In a recent report by 10 on your side’s Lauren Moss, the upgraded parking experience was showcased to demonstrate the improvements made to the Cedar Grove parking lot.

Last year, cruisegoers returned from their vacation to find their cars broken into and items stolen.

However, the Norfolk Parking Division has addressed the issue by installing a new black fence that offers better perimeter security and is harder to get over than the previous chain-link fence.

In addition, LED lights have been installed to illuminate the lot at night, allowing security personnel to monitor the area more effectively.

The parking lot also features live view cameras with almost 360-degree capabilities and intrusion alerts.

If someone enters the perimeter, a loud alarm will sound, instructing them to leave the area immediately.

The division has also traded in their contract with a private security company and has opted for Norfolk Sheriff deputies to keep the lot secure.

According to the Director of the Norfolk Parking Division, there is now a higher quality security presence in the parking lot.

“We’re not perfect.

If we make a mistake, if something’s not up to par, we fix it.

That’s what we do, and I think this is an example of making it a better experience,” he said.

With Carnival Magic continuing to set sail from the Norfolk port, the division has assured the public that they will make any necessary changes to ensure that people can park safely in the city.

During the cruise season, Norfolk sheriff’s deputies will patrol the lot 24/7.

The upgraded parking experience at Cedar Grove parking lot will provide cruisegoers with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe while they enjoy their vacation.

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