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Norfolk City Leaders Meet with Safe Night LLC to Explore Safety Changes in Downtown Entertainment District

As the one-year anniversary of a deadly shooting outside of a Norfolk bar approaches, city leaders are exploring new safety measures to improve the downtown entertainment district.

Safe Night LLC, a company hired by the Downtown Norfolk Council, will meet with police, fire, and city staff, as well as bar and restaurant owners, to discuss a voluntary accreditation program aimed at improving safety.

The program is already underway in other cities like Dallas and Arlington, where participating businesses receive accreditation for meeting best practices and safety guidelines.

The hope is that businesses in Norfolk will also follow suit, helping to put pressure on those that don’t comply.

The move comes after Norfolk shut down four bars and restaurants last year for non-compliance, following a deadly shooting that killed three people outside of Chicho’s Backstage on Granby Street.

The downtown council hopes that this program will help manage nightlife businesses more effectively and promote a safer environment for staff and patrons.

Three businesses, including Baxter Sports Bar and Lounge, Brothers restaurant, and Legacy Lounge, are currently reviewing the guidelines to meet accreditation.

It will take some time for the program to go into effect, but there is hope that it will eventually go city-wide.

While St.

Patrick’s Day celebrations may be underway in Norfolk, city leaders and business owners are working to ensure that the downtown entertainment district remains a safe and welcoming environment for all.

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