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Western Massachusetts Braces for Wet Snow and Wind from Nor’easter

Western Massachusetts is preparing for the impact of a Nor’easter, which is expected to bring a mix of rain and snow to the region.

While the snow is expected to be wet and heavy, with a snow-to-water ratio of around 8 to 1, the wind could also cause power outages in the area.

According to meteorologist Chris Pazakis, the snow is likely to stick to grassy surfaces first, due to the grass cooling faster than the pavement.

However, as the ground cools on the roads, snow could start to stick to the roadways, particularly in the northern and western parts of the region.

The storm is expected to last from Monday night to Wednesday morning, with snowfall rates of up to an inch per hour.

The duration of the storm, along with the intensity of the snowfall, will be the key factors in determining its impact on the region.

Residents are advised to stay informed about Massachusetts news and weather updates, and to take precautions in case of power outages or travel disruptions caused by the storm.

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