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Nonprofit Aims to Curb Speeding and Street Takeovers with Camera Systems

Los Angeles, CA – In response to a series of street takeovers that occurred in South Los Angeles over the weekend, a local nonprofit organization is taking action to crack down on speeding and illegal activities on the roads.

The incidents, which involved reckless driving maneuvers and large crowds gathering to watch, have prompted community groups to call for stricter measures to ensure the safety of residents.

Videos captured during the street takeovers depict scenes of chaos, with fireworks igniting, hundreds of people crowding the streets, and cars performing dangerous stunts such as burnouts and donuts.

Some individuals even hung out of windows and sunroofs, further endangering themselves and others.

At one point, a pedestrian prevented a work truck from passing through an intersection.

These incidents occurred at three separate locations overnight: the intersections of San Pedro and Century Boulevard, South Normandie and West Florence Avenue, and Crenshaw Boulevard and Coliseum Street.

Street takeovers have become increasingly prevalent in Los Angeles over the past year, leading to injuries and posing significant risks to public safety.

Last week, the Los Angeles City Council discussed the installation of street Thompson systems, aimed at deterring speeding near school zones.

Building upon this effort, the nonprofit organization “Streets are for Everyone” is advocating for the implementation of a statewide bill, AB 6.45, titled “The Speed Safety Act.” The group plans to address this topic in a conference scheduled for 11:00 AM today in Lakewood.

AB 6.45 proposes a limited pilot program that would allow the use of speed safety cameras in six cities throughout California.

These cameras would serve to reduce speeding in school zones, high-injury roads, and popular street racing corridors.

Similar camera systems have been successfully employed in 140 other cities across the United States, resulting in decreased crashes and serious injuries.

Alarming statistics underscore the urgency of addressing the issue.

In Los Angeles alone, a record-breaking 312 fatalities were attributed to speed-related incidents.

Throughout the state of California, traffic fatalities caused by speeding have risen by 25% compared to the national average.

Speeding accounts for 47.8% of traffic-related injuries and fatalities in the state.

Lakewood, a city in Los Angeles County, has already taken steps to combat street racing.

Last summer, the city council passed an ordinance allowing law enforcement to seize vehicles involved in illegal racing activities.

Additionally, individuals caught spectating street takeovers can face fines of up to $1000.

With the nonprofit organization’s conference underway and the growing demand for increased safety measures on the streets, it remains to be seen how authorities and lawmakers will address the issue of speeding and street takeovers in California.

However, the efforts being made by community groups and the proposal of AB 6.45 indicate a collective determination to prioritize the safety of residents and eliminate reckless driving behaviors from the roads.

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