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Newport News Public Schools is currently conducting public hearings as part of their search for a new superintendent.

The second of three public hearings was held at Woodside High School, where parents and members of the community were given the opportunity to express their opinions and shape the criteria for the district’s next leader.

The input from the public will be used to determine what kind of education and training the next superintendent should have, as well as what type of community relations they should focus on.

By the end of the month, the school board plans to submit the qualifications to the Virginia School Boards Association.

One parent expressed the desire for the next superintendent to take threats made by students more seriously.

The public hearings are part of an effort to find a new superintendent after the previous superintendent, Dr.

George Parker III, was fired following a shooting at Richneck Elementary School.

The search continues, and the public is encouraged to participate in the process.

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