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Newark, New Jersey, has recently admitted to being scammed after signing a “sister city” agreement with a fake nation.

The city’s mayor, Ross Baraka, signed an official ceremony agreement with the “Hindu nation of Kailasa,” which was later revealed to be a non-existent country created by a notorious scam artist named Dana.

Newark is not the only city to have fallen for this scam, as several other cities have also been affected.

Dana is an international fugitive wanted for serial rape in India, and he has diplomatic immunity.

It is unclear why Newark wanted to become a sister city with a fake nation, but it is speculated that money was involved.

The city council did not research the legitimacy of the nation, and this incident has shed light on Newark’s issues.

Fortunately, this scam did not cost taxpayers a lot of money, and Newark has a lot of problems that need to be addressed.

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