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New Orleans officials have taken action to clean up a blighted site that was the focus of a WDSU investigation.

The site, located on Bundy Road in New Orleans East, had been plagued by tires, debris, and trash for over a decade.

However, thanks to the efforts of code enforcement, the property has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Environmentalists, while acknowledging the progress made, have expressed mixed feelings about the cleanup.

They believe that the community’s voice should always be prioritized in such matters.

While the clearing of the debris is a positive step, local environmentalists emphasize the need for ongoing tests to ensure the safety of the environment in the area.

Water and air quality, as well as plastics on the property, will continue to be monitored in the coming weeks and months.

The cleanup of this abandoned and neglected landfill, which had been a major eyesore in the community for 18 years, marks a significant milestone for the city of New Orleans.

Development plans are now underway for the land, bringing new life to the previously blighted area.

The progress made is seen as a victory for New Orleans East, and officials are hopeful that this marks the beginning of a new chapter and a rebirth for the community.

As part of the cleanup process, stacks of tires are currently being stored on-site temporarily until a permanent solution is found.

Mayor Mary LaToya Cantrell will visit the property to discuss the progress made by code enforcement, further highlighting the city’s commitment to addressing blight and environmental concerns.

While the cleanup effort signifies a positive change, there is recognition that more work needs to be done to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the residents of New Orleans East.

The community remains vigilant in its pursuit of environmental justice, pushing for ongoing measures to protect their well-being.

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