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Gunman in Overland Park sparks standoff with federal agents New Movie ‘Dealing with Dad’ Sheds Light on Asian-American Mental Health Issues

A new movie focusing on a serious mental health issue within Asian-American families is set to open at the Consolidated Kahala Theatres on April 28.

“Dealing with Dad” is being hailed for shedding light on a topic that is often avoided in Asian-American communities.

The film highlights the cultural emphasis on pride and shame, which can lead to families ignoring mental health issues and viewing them as something to be ashamed of.

Director Tom Huang and producers have chosen to open their commercial run in Hawaii during Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, highlighting the importance of addressing mental illness within the community.

The movie has already received numerous awards at film festivals, including the audience award.

It is hoped that “Dealing with Dad” will pave the way for more films made by and featuring Asian-American casts and crews.

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