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New Jersey Officials Oppose Congestion Pricing, Threaten Their Own Tolls

New Jersey officials are ramping up their resistance against congestion pricing, arguing that it will have a detrimental impact on commuters from their state.

Taking action on multiple fronts, they aim to protect their state’s infrastructure and transit systems from the proposed plan.

Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey has announced his intention to introduce federal legislation aimed at halting the implementation of congestion pricing.

He asserts that such a measure would be harmful and urges New York to reconsider.

Menendez emphasizes that if New York opposes additional taxes on drivers, New Jersey can do the same.

He believes that the situation should be approached as a two-way street.

Bergen County and Hudson County officials are also joining the fight against congestion pricing.

They are considering implementing their own taxes and advocating for the withdrawal of federal funding if the plan moves forward.

Their determination to prevent New York from proceeding with this initiative is unwavering.

Menendez, seeking to intensify the battle against congestion pricing, addressed business leaders near the George Washington Bridge.

He proposed new legislation that would financially impact New York State.

He warns that any jurisdiction implementing a congestion pricing system without involving all participants could lead to a reduction in federal highway funding and transportation funds in proportion to their actions.

The senator suggests that this is just the beginning, as tolls could potentially be imposed on frequently traveled roads in Bergen and Hudson counties.

He acknowledges that while this may not be the ideal approach to address regional transportation problems, New Jersey should not sit idle and allow the situation to persist.

Menendez asserts the necessity of an environmental impact study, expressing dissatisfaction with the recent environmental assessment.

He believes that both aspects are essential for making informed decisions regarding congestion pricing.

The fight against congestion pricing is gaining momentum in New Jersey, with tensions running high.

In addition to Senator Menendez’s efforts, the organization Choose New Jersey is launching a new advertising campaign targeting drivers commuting into the city through the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge.

The campaign aims to highlight the irony of paying congestion pricing only to be stuck in traffic in New York City.

As the battle wages on multiple levels, New Jersey remains determined to resist congestion pricing and protect the interests of its commuters and transportation systems.

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