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Demolition of Northridge Mall in Milwaukee, which was scheduled to take place yesterday morning, has been put on hold yet again due to a new group expressing interest in buying the property.

The current owners, Black Spruce Enterprises, reached an agreement with Phoenix Investors LLC, the potential new buyers, less than 24 hours before a hearing set for January.

The judge in the case, William Saturday, was visibly upset with the last-second notice and stated that the court had only been notified of the agreement on the morning of the hearing.

Phoenix Investors LLC has said that they want to redevelop parts of the mall instead of demolishing it entirely.

However, there is a res order in effect that the judge is not ready to reverse, and the city is still trying to take over the property from the current owner to demolish it.

Milwaukee Mayor’s Chief of Staff stated that they would be ready with bulldozers today if an agreement was reached to finally destroy the mall.

The demolition is still on pause as the judge wants the city and the potential new buyers to have conversations about what could happen next.

Everyone involved in the case will reconvene in court in about three weeks.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski has emphasized the dangerous condition of the building, not only for firefighters but also for the community.

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