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Spring Arrives in New Hampshire with Seasonable Temperatures and Fair Skies

The spring season has officially arrived in New Hampshire, and residents can expect to enjoy plenty of sunshine and seasonable temperatures in the coming days.

Despite a building breeze out of the southwest this afternoon, temperatures are expected to reach the forties to lower 50s in some areas, nearly 10 degrees above the average for this time of year.

The mild weather is expected to last through the end of the week, with scattered rain showers possible on Thursday and Friday.

According to meteorologists, fair skies are expected in the region for several days, with a chance for a warming trend and normal high temperatures around 45 degrees.

However, there may be a snow shower up north tomorrow, while the rest of the state remains mild with a mixture of sunshine and clouds.

Temperatures in the afternoon will range from the forties to lower fifties.

As the next weather system approaches over the weekend, residents can expect a gradual increase in clouds on Wednesday and a chance of a few showers on Thursday.

While neither day looks like an all-day rain, there will be some accent on shower activity for the end of the week.

Despite this, the first full day of spring is forecast to start with temperatures in the T 20 tomorrow morning before getting into the forties to lower 50s during the afternoon.

The seven-day forecast predicts milder air all the way through the end of the week, with another weather system approaching over the weekend.

So, it seems that New Hampshire residents can look forward to a pleasant start to the spring season.

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