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This week, prepare for your taste buds to be tantalized. Why, you ask? Because I recently discovered the new Red Cow restaurant on Lake Street.

This particular location offers exclusive dishes and appetizers that cannot be found anywhere else. Joining us today is Red Cow Culinary Director Travis Langley, who is already busy preparing some delicious peppers.

How are you, Travis? I’m doing really well, thank you. And how about you? I’m doing great, thanks.

I’m excited to try these Shashi Peppers you mentioned. Can you tell me a bit about them? Absolutely.

Shashi peppers are typically smoky with a hint of sweetness. Additionally, one in every ten peppers is quite spicy, so we like to call it Shashi Roulette. Ah, I see. So you never know which one you’ll get.

But most of them are mild, right? What dish are you making with these peppers? Yes, that’s correct. These are our Elote Shos. I’ll just add a little bit of lime juice to them. Ah, that’s a great way to mellow out the heat. You blistered the peppers, right? Yes, I blistered them slightly and added a touch of lime juice for that extra kick.

It adds that wow factor. Definitely. Now, what’s the key to making a great cilantro lime aioli at home? It’s actually quite simple.

We start with mayo as a base, then blend it with cilantro and a little bit of lime juice. Sounds easy enough. You just put it all together in a food processor.

And what about the appetizer you just prepared? Is it exclusive to this location? Yes, this appetizer is exclusive to this location. We call it Lotte, inspired by street corn.

It’s served with hot cheese, cilantro, and a cilantro lime aioli for that perfect coating. That sounds amazing. And what are these poke balls I’m seeing? Are they a specialty at Red Cow? We’re not particularly known for poke bowls, but we’re working on it. This is a new item we’ve introduced recently. It features sushi rice topped with fresh vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and icon peppers.

You can choose from options like ahi tuna, ponzu pork belly, or teriyaki chicken. That’s fantastic. How many Red Cow restaurants are there now? We currently have six Red Cow locations.

Thank you for asking. That’s great to hear. And where is this particular Red Cow located? It’s downtown, right off Lake Street.

When you’re heading up the hill, you’ll find it on the right. It’s sitting on the corner of the mall. Sounds like a prime spot. The food smells amazing.

We’re glad to have you here. Will this appetizer be available every Saturday? Yes, it will be.

And I must say, your shirt is quite impressive. It says “made with love” on the back. Thank you.

It truly was made with love. By the way, I’ve received some awards for my culinary creations. That’s fantastic. We appreciate you joining us today and sharing your wonderful dishes.

Do you happen to have the recipe for the Shashi Peppers? Yes, it’s a super simple recipe. You just need to blister the peppers, add cilantro and lime juice. And if you’d like to get the recipe, you can text the word “recipes” to 7637977215. Great, thank you for that.

We’ll be sure to include the link to the recipe page..

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