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New Bus Routes to Service Rail Riders

As the new rail system prepares to welcome riders in July, officials have announced the addition of at least a dozen new bus routes that will operate in conjunction with the rail service.

Commuters can expect reduced travel times thanks to the new connections, which will allow riders to make transfers from the rail to the bus system at various stations.

According to Brig officials, most rail stations will have a concentration of bus services designed to meet the needs of passengers and distribute them to and from the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Pearl Highlands and Pearlridge stations will see the introduction of new bus routes serving the areas mauka of H-1, including the 531 to Western Pearl City, the 532 to Eastern Pearl City, and the 535 down to Pearl City Peninsula.

The city’s bus route ‘A’ will also see significant changes, with the route no longer servicing the Waipahu area and instead ending at the Pearlridge station.

From there, riders can transfer to the rail and continue their journey to Halawa or Aloha Stadium.

Marites Marquez, a daily commuter, expressed her excitement for the new system, stating that “this rail is going to cut the time by more than half” for those who previously had to take multiple buses to reach their destination.

To make transfers between the rail and bus systems, riders will need to use the HOLO card.

These changes have been years in the making, and officials hope that they will provide commuters with more convenient and efficient transportation options.

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