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Continuous Heavy Rainfall Drenches Los Angeles Metro Area on March 22nd 🚨Breaking News 🚨 Clippers’ Star Paul George Ruled Out for Remainder of Regular Season

A new atmospheric river storm has hit California, bringing heavy rain and the threat of flooding to a state still recovering from earlier storms.

The storm is the first in a new series of atmospheric rivers forecasted to hit the state.

Ventura County, which has previously experienced severe flooding during heavy rainfall, is preparing for the worst.

In January, Ventura County Fire agencies responded to 22 Swift water calls and rescued more than 80 people.

The Ventura River and State Route 33 in Ojai have also been prone to flooding and mudslides during heavy rain.

While some residents are happy to see the rain, they also acknowledge the dangers it brings.

The storm is the latest weather system in an already exceptionally wet winter, with most areas already exceeding their average annual rainfall totals.

Residents are advised to clear clogged storm drains to prevent flooding.

Updates on the storm will be provided throughout the day.

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