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Students Evacuated, School Canceled in Hilton CSD Following Bomb Threats Rain Easing to Scattered Showers This Afternoon with More Clearing Ahead: Third Day of Spring Brings Relief from Wild Weather.

A family who owned pit bulls that were involved in a deadly dog attack are accused of threatening their neighbors who reported them to the police and media.

A relative of the pit bull owners, Destiny Marie Cardona, has been charged with retaliation for threatening the lives of the neighbors.

The victim who reported the dogs to the police stated that Cardona and others threatened her, saying, “We are going to kill your son, bring him to you, find you, and kill you.” The incident left the neighbors feeling helpless and afraid, with some reporting incidents of vandalism and threats.

The district officials are seeking help from state legislators to make the reporting process more private to prevent retaliation.

The case is still under investigation, and neighbors remain on edge.

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