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A team of runners is currently making their way across the United States in an effort to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The team includes several Nebraskans who are running to help change lives.

Kris Whitney, from Omaha, is one of 19 runners participating in the relay.

She broke two bones in her ankle and dislocated it, requiring surgery in January, but she is determined to complete the 165-mile run in June.

Tammy Cruz is another Nebraskan on the team, and she is also training for the relay, which spans from Colorado Road to Nebraska City.
The runners are raising funds to support the nearly one million Americans living with MS.

Each runner is tasked with raising $10,000, which will go towards helping those affected by the disease.

The money raised may be used for research, wheelchair ramps, or better access to medication.

The organization’s goal is to help people live better lives, despite their MS diagnosis.
For both Whitney and Cruz, the cause is personal.

Whitney’s mother has been living with MS for over three decades, and Cruz has a friend who battles the disease.

As they run, they carry the individuals affected by MS with them and draw inspiration from them.

Despite the challenges, they remain determined to make a difference one step at a time.
The runners are part of the MS Run Across the US team, and this is the third time the organization has sponsored the relay.

Those interested in supporting the cause can look for donation links in this story at

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