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National Sejong Arboretum to Host Special Exhibition on Manbyeongcho Until June 11

The National Sejong Arboretum will hold a special exhibition on the Manbyeongcho species in the festival ground of the arboretum until the 11th of next month.
Manbyeongcho, also known as the Manchurian violet and evergreen shrub, has leaves similar to the dogwood tree and flowers resembling rhododendrons.

It is mainly distributed in high mountainous areas above 1,000 meters in the Baekdu Daegan range, making it a rare plant that is difficult to encounter.
At this special exhibition, visitors can admire over 40 rare varieties of Manbyeongcho, including the indigenous species grown in Ulleungdo, and capture memories in the photo zone.
This concludes the news report from Daejeon.
-(Anchor) Following a series of earthquakes in the East Sea, yesterday saw the strongest earthquake of magnitude 4.5 this year.

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